Getting to Know Archaeology

What is Archaeology?

Archaeology is the study of the relationship between human behavior and material culture in any space and time.

Michael B. Schiffer

Archeology is the study of how humans from various places in the past behaved through the material evidence they left behind.

Don Henson

Archaeology is a science that deals with the activity of discovering, systematically describing, and studying material culture from the past.

David L. Clarke

Why Study Archeology?

Archeology is very important because many people want to know and understand its origins. Studying archeology can satisfy the basic human need to know where we came from, why we have the culture we are today, and what the future of our humanity will look like.

Archaeologists study all aspects of human life in the past, buried underground and at the bottom of the sea, from food to their beliefs, the clothes and jewelry they wore, the utensils and cooking utensils they used, the houses they lived in and the way they remember their ancestors.

Why study at Archaeology Unhas?

four main reasons

National and International Accredited

All study programs at the Department of Archaeology Unhas have been accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT); Undergraduate of Archeology Study Program (S1) has been accredited with A, and Master's Degree Study Program (S2) has been accredited with B. In addition, the Archeology Department of Unhas has received the title "more than adequate" fromASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance for Archaeology Study Programme (ASP) Unhas.

Acquire generic skills

You will master a general set of skills that can be applied to various fields, ranging from critical and analytical thinking, practical field skills, ability to work in teams, information technology competencies, and more.

Opportunity to apply classroom theory in the field.

Study at Archaeology Unhas are not only about campuses, books, and journals. There are many field activities where knowledge is directly applied from the class

Study archeology and many other sciences

Archaeology is a multidisciplinary science, in the sense that it involves many other disciplines. Archeology Unhas offers the opportunity to take courses in other study programs that are relevant to your needs, for example: geology, physics, chemistry, and anthropology.

Want to be an Archaeologist?

The Archeology Department of FIB-Unhas is the gateway to the adventurous world of archeology. The department, which was founded in 1980, manages the first archaeology undergraduate program in Southeast Asia that is certified by the ASEAN University Network – Quality Assurance. Under the auspices of the largest university in Eastern Indonesia, you will be guided by excellent lecturers in the process of becoming graduates who have academic and professional abilities in the field of Archeology.

So, do you want to be an archaeologist? Watch our profile video and read more ABOUT US.