International Sharing Session: Manuscript Conservation and Illuminated Manuscript with SPI, Portugal

Makassar_ Public Lecture on Conservation of Illuminated Manuscrift and Manuscripts held by Archaeology Department of Hasanuddin University on 30 March 2021 at 14.00 WITA (Indonesia Time) and 07.00 AM Lisbon (Portugal Time) entitled “International Sharing Session on Conservation of Cultural Heritage Illuminated Manuscrift and Conservation” presented by Shatilla Algaff from Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovacao (SPI) Portugal. This sharing session and public lecture are additional lectures on archaeology conservation courses to better understand the latest methods of conservation, especially in the field of conservation of illuminated manuscripts and manuscripts. Miss Shatilla explains gradually starting from the definition, concept andcase studies on the conservation of cultural heritage in illuminated manuscripts and manuscripts Furthermore, she explained several analytical techniques that can be used in conducting research on manuscripts before taking conservation actions. Several analytical technique instruments were introduced in studying the conservation of illuminated manuscripts and manuscripts, including Hendle X-Tray Fluorescence (h-XRF), Fiber Optic Reflectance Spectrometry (FORS) and Hyperspectral Image. This tool is new and becomes very important knowledge for students in increasing understanding and knowledge related to technological developments in archaeological conservation.

This lecture is very interesting for students, this can be seen by the many questions asked by students, both in terms of conservation concepts and conservation methods in manuscripts, especially manuscripts. This lecture lasted approximately 2.5 hours and was attended by 70 participants, both students from the archaeological conservation course and archaeology students in general from UNHAS, and were also attended by lecturers and students of the Bugis-Makassar Regional Literature Study Program who studied manuscripts. This public lecture was opened by Dr. Khadijah Thahir Muda as the person in charge of the archaeological conservation course and moderated by Mr. Erwin M.U. Saraka to facilitate the discussion. In the end of presentation, Miss Shatilla said that the most important thing to understand as a conservator is to clearly know the material of the cultural heritage objects material to be conserved by conducting initial research first and for students who program conservation courses it is necessary to understand basic chemistry of materials, cultural heritage objects and instruments analytical techniques to develop their knowledge and skills in the future in the conservation of cultural heritage materials

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