Signing off the cooperation agreement for the Archaeology Study Program of Indonesia.

The Association of Indonesian Archaeology Study Programs in order to support the Independent Learning policy of Kampus Merdeka, the signing of Cooperation Agreement (PKS) was carried out on September 13, 2021. The signing of the cooperation agreement was carried out online and attended by all Heads of Archaeology Study Programs throughout Indonesia, namely the Head of Archaeology Study Programs at the University of Indonesia, Gadjah Mada University, Udayana University, Hasanuddin University, Haluoleo University, and Jambi University.

Online Meeting of Heads of Archaeology Study Programs throughout Indonesia for the Signing of Cooperation Agreement

The content of this agreement is about the integrated learning for the subjects of Prehistoric Archaeology and Islamic Archaeology which are two compulsory subjects in all Archaeology Study Programs throughout Indonesia. In its technical implementation, each lecturer of the subject is scheduled to take turns presenting the learning sessions with predetermined methods. Where the lecturing process in each session will be followed by all student participants from the Archaeology Study Program throughout Indonesia. The class is carried out online so that students as participants in the course can participate and gain more comprehensive insights regarding the Study of Prehistoric Archaeology and Islamic Archaeology.

The process of online signing the agreement was then followed up with the completion of the document’s agreement by each Archaeology Study Program. The implementation of the agreement is starting this semester.

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