Workshop on Preparation of Curriculum Revision Documents

In the last decade, the Department of Archaeology has made several curriculum changes. The Department of Archaeology’s curriculum is part of a four-year curriculum evaluation mechanism, which also follows developments in higher education policy in Indonesia. The change of curriculum in 2013 was born as a form of implementing the Competency-Based Curriculum (KBK) which is regulated by Indonesian Law (UU) No. 20 of 2003 concerning the National Education System and Government Regulation (PP) No. 17 of 2020. The curriculum was implemented for four years and was revised in 2017. The revision in 2017 came from the results of the curriculum evaluation and was adjusted to a number of rules regarding the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (KKNI) and National Higher Education Standards.

Since 2020, the Department of Archeology FIB Unhas has re-evaluated the curriculum and produced the Curriculum 2021 for Archaeology Study Program (S1) which is the result of evaluation activities involving lecturers, students, alumni, and alumni users. In addition, a number of archaeological research and preservation institutions also give some input related to the competency standards that they need in their institutions.
Moreover, coordination and consultation with other Archaeology departments in Indonesia were also carried out through the Association of Indonesian Archeology Study Programs.

Lecturers Team from the Archaeology Study Program in one of the Curriculum Revision Workshop Sessions

The curriculum occupies a strategic position in the implementation of education. Meanwhile, the curriculum should be structured and developed with reference to a radical and solid foundation. Therefore, the conducted education program can produce educated people who understand their existence in living life in the present and prepare themselves for the future.

Workshop on Preparation of Curriculum Revision Documents

The design and development of the curriculum at the Archaeology Study Program FIB Unhas applied four foundations, namely: philosophical, psychological, juridical, sociological, and science and technology developments. These four foundations then become guidelines in formulating planning, learning outcomes, formation of courses, structure, and content of the curriculum, curriculum implementation, and curriculum evaluation. The elaboration of the basis for curriculum design and development used in the preparation of curriculum documents for the Archaeology Study Program FIB Unhas begins with the implementation of the Workshop on Curriculum Revision Document Preparation. This event was held on May 21-22 2021 in Makassar.

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